Resizing Photos for Competitions

If you are unsure how to resize your image correctly for a club digital competition read the instructions below:


Imagine a fixed wooden frame that has a hole size of 1800 pixel,s wide by 1200 pixels high. Your image must fit inside this frame.  The frame cannot be turned through 90 degrees.

a)  So, if your image is wider than 1800px – you need to reduce it.
b)  If it is taller than 1200px you need to reduce it.
The resolution needs to be 120
The file size needs to be around 1Mb

1. Open up the image you want to send.

2. Go to the Image menu and select "image size" from the options.

3. Change the resolution from 300 to 120 – YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE CHANGING EITHER THE WIDTH OF THE HEIGHT.

4. Change the width to 1800 – IS THE HEIGHT NOW GREATER THAN 1200?

  • If no, then you are done. Click OK
  • If yes, then change the height to 1200 – this reduces the width to less than 1800 but that is fine and you are done.

5. Now we need to save the image with the correct name. Go to File > Save As

6. Give the image a name which is in accordance with our naming convention:

234 BG Open This is My Image.jpg

Please note:

The first letter of each title word is capitalised
The number is your membership number.
The category word Open or Defined
Save as a jpg

Click the Save box and you get another dialogue box. For some complex and detailed images you will find that at a quality of 12 the file size is way over the 1mb that we would like. If this happens, just reduce the quality from 12 to either 11 or 10 until you are close to 1mb. Do not reduce to a lower quality than 10 as this will deteriorate your image.

SUMMARY - In just FOUR steps

Change resolution to 120
Amend width to 1800 and then reduce the height but only if greater than 1200 (if it is necessary to reduce the height, this will reduce the width but that is expected)
Name the image according to our naming convention
Save as a jpg with max file size around 1mb

SIMPLES as they say on the ad – anyone can do it.