Emailing from a Mac

by Francesca Shearcroft

Emailing an image from a Mac can be a little frustrating if you don't know the correct procedure as the programme will automatically downsize your image unless you know how to correct it.

This is what you need to do:

Once you have sized your picture in Elements according to CCC instructions save the file , suggest desktop to make it easier!!
Open a new Mail message. Go to main body of message and attach picture.
Right click or control click on picture. From the menu that comes up select view as icon.(Last item on menu)
Now for the bit that I took ages to crack......At the very bottom right hand corner of the main body of the message you will see a box which says image size. Make sure that you select "actual size".  If not, Mail will automatically reduce the size of the attached picture!!!

NOTE: This box does not appear until AFTER you have attached a picture!!!!


.........and the following from David Blincow

I have found that when you click the "attach" icon and choose the file you want you have an option at the bottom to tick a "Windows Friendly 
Attachment". In the "FILE" menu you can also choose "ATTACH FILE" 
and then you also get the chance to select a file. The size can be adjusted at the bottom right hand corner of the message window size and I choose the "ACTUAL SIZE" option for sending club photos and it seems that the files attach OK.

.........also from Chris Hawkins, Google "Emailing from a Mac" where this was one solution found.

Send messages that have photos attached as plain text rather than rich text. To do so, create a new message and choose Format -> Make Plain Text. To make plain text the default (which we old-timers love because we like our email messages unadorned by fancy fonts and formatting), choose Preferences from the Mail menu, click the Composing tab, and from the Message Format pop-up menu, choose Plain Text. From this day forward your messages will be sent as plain text by default. Should you wish to send the occasional rich text missive, choose Format -> Make Rich Text.