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All the images entered by members in our last competition are shown here.  They were all carefully assessed by an independent judge. The competition had two categories "Open" and "Defined" and the defined category this month was "Our Local Environment". 

New members are not obliged to enter competitions but it's a fun way of honing your skills. (Click on an image to take you through to our Galleries page where you can see larger versions.)


Members of Caston Camera Club were proud to support the 2013 Watton Festival by producing a printed montage of images entitled “Hidden Watton”. The final printed picture measured 6 feet by 4 feet and contains photographs taken by them over a period of a few weeks during last summer.
The picture was presented to the public at Watton Festival’s official launch at Queens Hall, Watton on Friday 25th October 2013 where it will remain on display for the duration of the Festival.
We are currently planning a new montage for the 2015 festival. All will be revealed in October.


As Norfolk camera clubs go, there has to be a reason why Caston Camera Club is a popular club. 

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All clubs say they welcome new members but few take the effort to really make new members welcome. It's very different here and you can find out why by coming along to one of our meetings. We won't leave you standing in a corner all by yourself like some clubs do. If you like photography, your first meeting won't be your last. We're different and we're inviting you to find out why. Have a look through this web site - there are lots of pages and lots of details; few other clubs can give you that much information and there are over 3,000 images to look at. Then feel free to call Andrew on 01953 850001. if there's anything else you'd like to know. But, we'd like to talk to you anyway just to know you plan to come along and to discuss your particular interests because that way we can then be sure to introduce you to a few other people with interests similar to yours.
Being a member of Caston Camera Club encourages you to practice some of those artistic skills that may have lain dormant all these years. Take the opportunity to visit interesting places, often not that far away, with people of a like mind and find out how you can improve your perception of the world about you. Get to appreciate even more the flora, the fauna, the landscapes, the architecture. Take pleasure from everyday objects seen in a different light. Be helped by others to see things the way they see them and help others to see things the way you see them. Whether you have a small compact camera or a digital SLR, this can be the club for you.


Feeling Shy

"I almost didn't join because I really wasn't confident enough but I have to say that I've been made really welcome and get lots of help."

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This is the kind of statement we regularly hear. Photography is often thought of as being male dominated but here at Caston Camera Club we have a fairly even balance of both men and women and we welcome anyone over the age of 18. You don't have to have a fancy camera either as long as it's digital. Film cameras really are a thing of the past.

Beginner or Expert

We welcome Experts, Intermediates and Beginners. But, you really do not need to be an expert to be one of us as we welcome members with beginner to intermediate skills who want to improve their photographic ability and who enjoy discussing photographic matters with others who have similar interests.

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If you are a beginner, we will ensure you get enough help and assistance to be able to improve your photography. If you're of intermediate skills or better we'll provide you with opportunities to show what you can do. So, whatever level you consider yourself to be, check out the Join Our Club page. 

In a short time we have achieved a really active group of male and female members who have come together from Caston, Watton, East Harling, Attleborough, Saham Toney and elsewhere, and there's a reason for this success - we really welcome new members and make a point of introducing them to others in the group so that no-one feels left out. We all know only too well what it's like to join a group and then find out how 'cliqué' they are - well that doesn't happen here!

These days it's all about digital photography and we've embraced this wholeheartedly.  Whether you have a small compact camera or a fully fledged SLR, you'll be welcome here.  You'll learn how to take better photographs and enjoy going places to do it.


Our Annual Awards - March 2013
(Left to Right holding their crystal awards)
Andy Caws, Heather Bullard, John Roberts, Geoff Bromley, Simon Smith

Give us a Call

Now, checking out a web site is one thing but we really do encourage you to have a further chat about what we do and how to join.

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In fact, why not have a look at the Club Programme page which gives details of all planned meetings for the next six months or so. If you think it's interesting then:

  • Email Tara our club secretary or Andrew, the club chairman
  • click here to fill in the membership form and we'll make contact with you.
When and Where are the Meetings?

We meet at least every 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm in Caston Village Hall. Guest fees are £2.50 for most evenings with variable charges when we have visiting speakers. If you feel you would like to see what we offer, you are welcome to pop along to any of our meetings. You are also welcome to call first on 01953 850001 and speak to Andrew about the club. You’ll be made very welcome.

If you click through to Amazon by using the Amazon box on the left, Caston Camera Club receives around 5% of the purchase price of anything you buy thereafter and that's regardless of whether the goods you buy are photographic or anything else that Amazon sells.  And, it costs you nothing to help the club in this way as the goods you buy are the same price regardless of whether you go direct or via this link.  Now you can treat yourself and treat us at the same time.


By the way, not quite sure where Caston Village Hall is? Well, we're 3 miles south of Watton - just off the A1075 to Thetford.  Click here  for a "pinpoint" location.  The full address for SatNav users is:

Caston Village Hall
The Street
NR17 1DD

Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through membership of the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies


Caston Camera Club
is a Norfolk photographic society serving
Attleborough, Watton, Wayland Villages, Breckland, Norfolk.
(Caston is 3 miles south of Watton and 6 miles west of Attleborough)